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Dr. Dre Will Release ‘Detox’ On National Weed Holiday


After spending more than a decade working on "Detox," Dr. Dre has finally revealed the first firm release date for his long-awaited album: April 20th. That's right, sticking with the pot-friendly theme mapped out 18 years ago by his masterpiece "The Chronic," Dre will release his LP on the college campus holiday of "4/20," the unofficial annual celebration of marijuana. Dre made the announcement in, of all things, a shaky 16-second-long cellphone video recorded by producer Just Blaze, and not the detailed press release we've been hoping would arrive in our in-boxes for years. "Four-twenty baby, it's coming," Dre promises, to which a surprised Blaze responds, "You might just see a unicorn this year too."

Given the amount of delays and postponements linked to "Detox," a.k.a. hip-hop's "Chinese Democracy," you'd have been more likely to see a unicorn than hear "Detox" in the past five years. The April 20th release date comes a year and two weeks after Dre appeared at Boston Red Sox's Opening Day at Fenway Park and revealed that "Detox" would "definitely" be released in 2010, which didn't happen. However, last year did bring the arrival of a pair of "Detox"-bound singles: "Kush" and "Syllables." But of course in 2002, Dre promised we'd have "Detox" in our hands by summer '03.

Is Dre finally telling the truth this time? We'll likely have the answer on February 1st, the day "I Need a Doctor," another "Detox" single, impacts radio according to Hip-Hop DX. If "I Need a Doctor" does hit airwaves on time, then Dre's album will actually be adhering to an actual "pre-release schedule," and it'd be a somewhat safe bet that "Detox" might be arriving on April 20th per Dre's promise. But don't hold your breath -- "loving weed" and "being punctual" don't mix so well.

UPDATE: Like clockwork, a rep for Dre is now denying that "Detox" will come out on Wednesday, April 20th. The rep tells MTV that Dre wasn't referring to the "Detox" release date when he said "Four-twenty baby, it's coming" but to something else entirely. Maybe more headphones? The never-ending "Detox" saga goes on...

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