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Drake Handled the ‘Take Care’ Leak Extremely Well


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Take Care

Drake's Take Care, one of the most anticipated albums of 2011, leaked nine days before its November 15th, but rather than reacting to the bad news like Vancouver fans after the Canucks lost in the Stanley Cup finals, the rapper and his cool Canadian temperament handled the album's early arrival in stride. "I am not sure if the album leaked. But if it did thank god it doesn't happen a month early anymore," Drizzy tweeted. "Listen, enjoy it, buy it if you like it... and take care until next time." He does have a point: The music industry has seen some instances of albums leaking as early as six months prior to its scheduled release date, so a nine-day head start isn't a complete disaster.

However, "the leak" isn't the problem anymore. Even if Take Care didn't arrive until November 15th, music fans know at this point in the digital age that there's no preventing the album from showing up on sites that embrace illegal downloading. If TC was kept under wraps until its release date, those internet-savvy folk still wouldn't buy the album; they'd just have to wait longer to illegally download it. That's just the state of the music industry now. Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto leaked about a week before its release date, and that album still enjoyed big sales (for 2011), so Drake should still rake in close to a million copies in its first week, regardless of the leak.

There is some good news for Drizzy, though: Take Care is great, easily ranking among the best rap releases of the year.

No sophomore slump here, because TC is a more consistent, mature, and varied album than his debut Thank Me Later. It's every bit as contemplative as its over-serious cover art. TC boasts no immediate hits like "Best I've Ever Had" or "Over," but that's not the Drake that The Amp prefers. We like his emo-rapping, and there's plenty of rewarding cuts that fit into that category: "Marvin's Room / Buried Alive" (featuring Kendrick Lamar!), "Doing It Wrong" (with Stevie Wonder on harmonica!), and "The Real Her" (co-starring Lil Wayne and Andre 3000. 3K made the album, and he drops the first ever rhyme about Boise State's blur turf!). In short, Drake's lived up to the hype yet again.

If you are waiting until Take Care comes out on November 15th to listen to Drake's latest, here are a pair of leaked tracks to hold you over:

"Crew Love" (feat. The Weeknd)

"Take Care" (feat. Rihanna)

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