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Eminem’s ‘Fast Lane’ Lyric Video: Simultaneously Clever and Disgusting


The shock of Eminem collaborating with crooner Bruno Mars still hasn't completely worn off, but just like that Slim Shady is back with a new video for "Fast Lane," featuring his Bad Meets Evil associate Royce da 5'9". And surprise, it's a lyric video, that hot trend that just won't go away. Here's a twist, though: Eminem and Royce actually interact with the cartoon fonts scrolling the song's words, which themselves become characters. It's reminiscent of Justice's beloved "D.A.N.C.E." video in that respect.

Handled differently, this clip could have been immensely boring -- like the majority of Eminem's recent videography -- since the setting is just an abandoned (presumably Detroit) warehouse, but the clever use of the floating lyrics make it worth watching. It also prevents Eminem from falling into familiar visual traps, like silly costumes, celebrity impersonators, and grizzly murder scenes (though some lyrics in "Fast Lane" unfortunately find Em reviving his serial killer persona). There's one bit about what Eminem wants to do to Nicki Minaj that is so ugh though, and the video just shines a spotlight on a line that shouldn't have been crossed. Like his latest Lady Gaga diss.

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