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Everything Ever Touched by John Lennon’s Pen Will Be Auctioned One Day


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The Beatles' legacy as The Greatest Band of All Time is so immense that fans are always eager to own any piece of the Fab Four's history, regardless of the price. John Lennon's suit from the Abbey Road cover? There's a wide market for it. Lennon's handwritten lyrics for "A Day in the Life"? Demand was so great that it sold for $1.2 million. Lennon's toilet bowl? Someone paid $14,000 to do business on the same porcelain John Lennon did business. It seems like every month -- maybe even every two weeks -- a one-of-a-kind piece of Beatles memorabilia hits the auction block. The April 2011 item is an especially major slice of Beatles lore: Lennon's hand-scribed lyric sheet for "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds."

The lyric sheet for the Sgt. Pepper's classic, which may or may not be about LSD, will go to auction on May 14th in Beverly Hills, reports. Estimated going price: $200,000, or a million less than what "A Day in the Life" sold for last year, which makes sense considering "A Day in the Life" is the Beatles' best song (no debate). The sheet features the opening lyrics of the song ("Picture yourself in a boat on a river..."), plus Lennon's drawing of "four people in a room with windows draped in curtains." We were expecting something a tad more psychedelic to be sketched on the "Lucy" lyric sheet, but that won't stop Beatles fanatics from bidding hardcore for this item.

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