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F-Word Barrier Totally Demolished, No Longer a Barrier


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In November, The Amplifier remarked on how dropping the F-word in a pop song really doesn't seem like a big deal anymore. Cee Lo Green's multiple Grammy nominations for "F--- You" seemed to confirm it. But as the New York Times points out today, tracks with F-bombs in their titles are not only accepted but dominating the Billboard charts. Three of the Top 10 tracks on the Hot 100 are totally NSFW: Green's song also known as "Forget You," Pink's "F-----' Perfect," and Enrique Iglesias' "Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)" which you should be aware is actually called "Tonight (I'm F-----' You)."

"The songs lead a double life: the broadcast version for the uninitiated or oblivious, the raunchy one for anyone paying attention," writes Jon Pareles. He notes that plenty of folks have slipped up and cursed on-air or in public (hello, Melissa Leo!), but argues the chart's Top 10 is new territory. So is there any other uncharted territory left? Britney Spears is about to find out if this policy applies to her, too -- after taking so much flack for calling a song "If U Seek Amy," she sings a straight-up F-bomb on "How I Roll" off her March 29th album Femme Fatale. We'll be listening for the sound of backlash...

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