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Fans Are Really Psyched About This New Foo Fighters Album


Foo Fighters are continuing to tease their upcoming album with preview clips on the web. Since they've already dropped a video showcasing a cross-dressing Dave Grohl, now they're ready to preview some music from their new LP. When the Foo Fighters' seventh album arrives this spring, the above will be the first thing fans hear: a Them Crooked Vultures-like cacophony of loud guitars and drums with Grohl screaming the ironic opening lyrics, "These are my famous last words."

According to the Foos' reps, nearly as many people checked out the taste of "Bridge Burning" (300,000 views in two days) as purchased Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me" (411,000 singles sold after a week), so apparently fans are still interested in Grohl's little post-Nirvana band, which is surprising considering rock is essentially dead from a sales standpoint.

But then again, why wouldn't there be some anticipation surrounding this LP? Especially since it's been confirmed that Krist Novoselic, Grohl's Nirvana bandmate, is contributing bass and accordion to the song "I Should Have Known." Plus, Nirvana touring guitarist Pat Smear is now a fulltime member of the Fighters (again), and "Nevermind" producer Butch Vig has returned to that role for the new Foo album.

Can't get enough of the snippet? Head to the Foo Fighters' official site to download a ringtone and greet every incoming phone call with "Bridge Burning."

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