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Flo Rida Drove Drunk in a $1.7 Million Bugatti


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Gucci Mane might have rewritten the history books when it comes to rappers and traffic violations (previous authors: DMX, T.I.), but Flo Rida definitely broke the law with more style. The dude who subjected us to "Right Round" was arrested at 3:30 a.m. this morning on suspicion of driving under the influence. After failing those "touch your nose" and "recite the alphabet backwards" tests, a breathalyzer later showed that Flo's blood alcohol levels were more than double the legal limits (.185, which is also a crappy batting average). If this was a case where Flo was DUI-ing in Miami -- yes, Flo Rida was arrested in Florida -- with a Ford Escort, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. However, it was Flo's choice of vehicle last night that makes drunk driving an even worse idea: a $1.7 million Bugatti.

According to TMZ, getting pulled over by the cops is probably the best thing that could've happened to Flo, since police saw the rapper swerving all over the road in a car that costs more money than we'd make in three lifetimes. Look at this automobile. We're not going to condone drunk driving, but drunk driving in that car definitely isn't wise. It's hard enough being inconspicuous in a ride like that; the inability to keep a Bugatti in one lane draws even more attention to it. In fact, TMZ says a crowd gathered around the automobile when Flo was pulled over, with many pleading with the officers to "Let Flo go."

Flo Rida told the officers he was fine to make it the rest of the way home, but the police wisely rejected that idea. Not because Flo was obviously drunk, which he was, but because he shouldn't have been driving his $1.7 million car at all: Flo's driver's license was suspended last month after failing to pay a traffic ticket.

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