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For Those About to Drink AC/DC Wine, We Salut You


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Attention Aussies considering picking up a bottle of AC/DC's new line of wines: You are about to drink some really lamely named wine. The classic rockers have teamed up with local vintner Warburn Estate to release four varieties called Back in Black Shiraz, Highway to Hell Cabernet Sauvignon, You Shook Me All Night Long Moscato, and Hells Bells Sauvignon Blanc. This is a sad array considering the plentiful options AC/DC song titles present. A brief sampling of the possibilities: If You Want Cabernet (You've Got It), Let Me Put My Merlot Into You, Whole Lotta Rosé. Right?

The wine is only available Down Under, and in case fans care about drinkability over pun-ability, the grapes are sourced from the Barossa and Coonawarra regions. Fellow rockers who've turned a buck in the wine biz include Maynard James Keenan, Dave Matthews, Sting, Madonna, Santana, Lil Jon, Vince Neil, Les Claypool, and Train. Remarkably, of that lengthy list, only one artist went for a cutesy moniker: Drops of Jupiter.

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