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Foster the People Now Responsible for the Most Annoying Commercial of the Year


Call it the Pomplamoose Award: Every year, there's one song that appears in a ad that's so frequently played during commercial breaks, it absolutely wears on the sanity of anyone who watches a lot of TV. The repetition gets to the point where we need to Google who's responsible for the song just so we know where to target our anger. Last year, it was the Christmas sweater-wearing duo Pomplamoose and their inescapable Hyundai ads that had viewers hurling their remote controls at the screen. Before that, it was those terrible "Saved By Zero" spots. The most annoying commercial of 2011: Those Nissan Versa Sedan spots featuring Foster the People's "Don't Stop (Color On the Walls)."

The Amp is ashamed to admit it, but we kinda liked "Pumped Up Kicks," Foster the People's smash (MGMT-inspired) single. However, any cachet the band won with "Kicks" is lost right round the 1,000th time you see these Nissan ads. The song itself is unrelentingly antagonizing, but what makes this 2001's worst ad campaign is that "Don't Stop" features in two different Nissan commercials -- one for "Legroom," the other for "Headroom" -- and on many occasions, both clips will appear in the same break back-to-back. That means, over the course of an hour-long show, it's plausible to hear "Don't Stop" eight times in a 60-minute span.

To make things worse, these commercials have been around since August. August! It's impossible to even calculate how many times we've heard "Don't Stop (Color On the Walls) at this point. Definitely more than "Rolling in the Deep," and it feels like we've heard that Adele song upwards of 500 times in the past year. Let's all just hope Nissan comes out with a new ad in time for Christmas commercial crush.

The runner-up for the 2011 Pomplamoose Award is this unbearable New York Lotto ad that features Fatty Gets a Stylist's "Are You Ready?" Even the band's name is annoying! This commercial (and the rent) is the worst thing about living in Manhattan:

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