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Foxy Brown Should Probably Stay Away From Manicurists


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One would think that after being arrested, placed on probation, and ultimately sent to jail for attacking two workers at Manhattan salon in 2004 -- and then cuffed again in 2007 for a scuffle in a beauty supply store -- rapper Foxy Brown would be cautious around manicurists. But TMZ reports that Foxy, born Inga Marchand, was recently removed from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship because she flew into a rage over a missed nail appointment. Foxy reportedly preformed on the boat and booked herself a manicure for the following day. When she showed up for the appointment three hours late and nobody was available to do her treatment, she "went completely ballistic," and was escorted out of the salon, and a few days later, on to dry land.

In addition to behaving badly around nail polish, Brown doesn't really do well while traveling. She's had altercations at a North Carolina hotel (spat on hotel employees who didn't have an iron handy), Jamaica (punched a police officer in the stomach), and Florida (the aforementioned beauty supply kerfuffle). The Amp recommends she invest in some emery boards and stick close to home. Actually, that might not be the best idea, either.

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