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Gallagher Brothers Won’t Stop Talking Up and Shooting Down Oasis Reunion


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Reunion fever is running rampant in the U.K. ever since the Stone Roses got back together last week. It seems like every no-longer-together band is rumored to pick up their instruments again since the news, but the loudest of the pack has been Oasis' bickering Gallagher brothers. Liam Gallagher told Rolling Stone recently that he's open to reuniting for the band's (What's The Story) Morning Glory?. "In 2015, if [Oasis] can put our s--- aside, we can tour and play the album in its entirety for the 20th anniversary. I'd be up for that, if it's on our terms. There's got to be two-way respect," Liam said. However, brother Noel, whose solo project the Flying Birds is now atop the U.K. charts, has shot down that idea.

"[Liam's] got my permission to go and play it. He can play it if he wants. I don't mind. I left that band for a reason and that reason still stands," Noel revealed to BBC Newsbeat. Which is puzzling, since it was Noel's idea in the first place to perform their best album together again. "In my own head the 2015, 20-year anniversary of (What's The Story) Morning Glory? is looming and we could have maybe come back, made a new album and played that album in its entirety and gone and been the greatest thing ever, but there you go," Noel said in August.

The Brothers Gallagher are like our generation's iteration of another pair of warring siblings, Ray and Dave Davies of the Kinks. Those two bros haven't performed together since 1996, yet they need to fight off reunion talk on a yearly basis. However, like the Oasis boys, the Davies duo continue to fuel the rumors. Dave Davies said in 2007 that getting back together with Ray "would be like a bad remake of Night of the Living Dead." Then earlier this year, he said, "There's nothing in the pipeline yet, but...we'll see. It's possible." As the Stone Roses proved, any reunion is achievable, if the price is right.

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