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Golden-Voiced Homeless Man Going to Rehab


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To stick with the baseball allusions that pop into our head every time we write his name, golden-voiced homeless man Ted Williams went from hitting a grand slam to grounding into a game-ending double play in just one week. Williams, who said he was "two years sober," will be entering a rehabilitation center because he evidently still has a taste for alcohol. To quote Film Drunk, "Fastest. Fame cycle. Ever."

Williams was the talk of the town and an overnight sensation after a YouTube video showing off his vocal skills led to job offers, a reunion with his mother, and appearances on the daytime and late-night network TV circuit. However, when Williams' took his newfound fame out west, he encountered an entirely new monster: syndicated television. Somewhere along the line, Williams and whoever is navigating Williams' career felt it was a good idea to tape multiple segments for the "Dr. Phil" show. Here's where things began to unravel.

A family reunion between Williams and his children for "Dr. Phil" resulted in Williams and his daughter being detained after an altercation at their hotel (Williams' face was badly scratched in the incident). Williams' criminal past is amusingly documented, and taking a page from the Maury Povich or Jerry Springer playbook, Williams' daughter then accused her father of imbibing beer despite Williams telling millions of YouTube viewers he was clean. It degraded into "he said, she said" fodder for shows like "Entertainment Tonight," and Williams at first denied the claims, but after another conversation with Dr. Phil, Williams decided he'd go to rehab to work on his alcohol problem before facing the next chapter in what's becoming a very roller coaster career.

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[Photo: Richard Drew/AP]

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