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Gorillaz Split, Says Shady Source With Zero Proof


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First, the White Stripes called it quits, then LCD Soundsystem revealed they'll play their final gig in April. If that wasn't enough to put rock fans in mourning, there's also this: Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett have reportedly decided to end their animated band Gorillaz at the height of their popularity. That's according to British tabloid "The People" (via Gorillaz-Unofficial), which published an article claiming that Albarn and Hewlett have decided to part ways after getting into a couple of "dogged rows" while on the Gorillaz's sold-out world tour.

While "The People" make a decent argument, we have our doubts. First off, it's hard to take the report seriously when "The People" misspell the band's name as "Gorrillaz" in the headline. First rule of journalism, don't misspell the band name in an exclusive story about their breakup. Second, Gorillaz have made no official announcements regarding their demise. In fact, Gorillaz just introduced a new character to their complex cartoon universe, as well as a new iPad-recorded album, both of which arrived after their tour ended and these "dogged rows" allegedly occurred.

However, "The People" say that Hewlett and Albarn had "a massive argument that ended things" and that "Jamie's gone abroad with his girlfriend" (translation: a much-deserved vacation) for the time being. Here's the thing about Albarn: He's prolific, and while he could simply sit back and count his Gorillaz money, he's always explored other projects between Gorillaz albums. Most recently, he's been rumored to be once again working with his Blur bandmates, which is good news to us; as much as we love Gorillaz, we really love Blur.

Until we hear some confirmation from the Gorillaz front, we'll chalk this up as an unsubstantiated rumor, but even if it's the end of Murdoc and Noodle and the rest of the cartoon crew, at least we know this isn't the last we've heard from Albarn.

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