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Gucci Mane Arrested After Master Class in ‘How to Violate Probation’


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In early September, T.I. was nabbed by cops after making an illegal turn in his Maybach, which smelled enough like weed that cops executed a search on the vehicle and uncovered a handful of Ecstasy pills. If the bust seemed like the perfect example of what not to do on probation, Tip's fellow Atlanta MC Gucci Mane has certainly upped the ante.

As Gucci says, "Danger's not a stranger." Here's how he seemingly earned himself an all-expenses-paid trip back to the Big House:

• Running a red light (don't do that)
• Operating a vehicle (in this case, an inconspicuous white Hummer) without a license or proof of insurance (avoid)
• Damage to government property (not recommended)
• Driving on the wrong side of the road (definitely don't do that)
• Police needed to use pepper spray to subdue Gucci in order to 1) stop him from fighting with an unnamed person and 2) bring him into custody (painful, certainly not advised)

Gucci was taken to a hospital following the incident, then spent the night in the familiar confines of Fulton County Jail, where he previously spent six months behind bars for another probation infraction. The previous violation entailed an issue over the MC's community service requirements - 25 hours completed out of 600 isn't that bad - but this new arrest, in which Gucci broke many, many laws, does not bode well for the rapper who proclaims himself as "Georgia's Most Wanted."

UPDATE: Or, maybe not. According to Atlanta Access, after Gucci was bailed out of Fulton County jail, prosecutors revealed that they would not pursue criminal charges against the rapper. A judge warned that prosecutors could refile the charges at a later date, but for now, if we were the very lucky Gucci, we'd hopping in our White Hummer and driving (on the right side of the road and with our license in our pocket) to the closest 7-Eleven to spend "The Appeal" royalties on lotto tickets.

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