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Guns N’ Reminiscing: After Slash Peed Himself, Axl Rose Would Steal His Women


Guns N' Roses' eventful South American journey continued on to Paraguay, where Axl Rose was in much better spirits than the last time we saw him at an Argentinean airport. While angry Axl had no patience for fans before catching his flight, the singer found time to hang out and reminisce about the old days with GN'R devotees at the Hotel Sheraton Asuncion (via Daily Swarm). And what was the topic of conversation? Their backstage misadventures, like when his old buddy Slash would get so drunk, he'd piss himself then pass out.

Axl seems to relish in reliving the story, partly because he absolutely detests Slash these days, but also since after the guitarist drank himself to sleep, the chivalrous Rose would swoop in and steal his ladies. "It happened every time, all the time," Rose gloats. Axl also had some sound advice to impart with his fans: "If you drink a half a bottle of Jack Daniels, you'll find something to do. It might not be good, and you might wake up some place you don't want to be, like jail."

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