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Hanson’s Beer Joins List of Strangest Musician-Endorsed Alcoholic Products


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Having recently announced they'll be unleashing their own brand of beer, Hanson have unwittingly made their first culturally relevant move in 13 years: They're now part of the ever-expanding musicians-shilling-alcohol universe.

It only makes sense for rockers and rappers (and still-soldiering '90s boy bands) to attach their name to a brand of booze. Sure, singers endorsing sodas might fizzle because they're clearly shilling (Exhibit A, Exhibit B), but an artist connecting their cachet with beer or liquor is a win-win. Diddy isn't just cashing a paycheck when he name-checks Ciroc—he's trying to help you get your party on! (And if you refuse to party with his brand of vodka, he will ice you).

Still, it's taken rockers—who have been singing about whiskey and suds for decades—a long time to figure this out. We can thank the entrepreneurial spirit of hip-hop for demonstrating these commercial po$$ibilities. It's such a norm nowadays, in fact, that a recent study revealed American teens will hear at least three shout-outs to name brand alcohol for every hour they listen to R&B or hip-hop music.

The implications of the underage being barraged by booze ads aside, let's take a look at the most curious instances of musicians pimping promoting adult beverages:

The above-mentioned family band deserves credit for crafting the delicious pun "MMMHop" as the moniker for their upcoming IPA.

Soak it in, Hanson—you outshone AC/DC just this once. The Australian rockers got real lazy when naming their wine line (how uninspired is 'Highway to Hell Cabernet Sauvignon'?) but luckily the Amp went to the trouble of creating superior alternate vineyard puns.

From watershed heavy metal band to vineyard enthusiasts who prefer their wine with hints of, "Vanilla, blackberries, plums and eucalyptus," Motörhead finally dispelled the rumor they have "No Class" with their fine Shiraz. Call Lemmy the Ace of Grapes.

Maynard James Keenan
Never one to pass up a bawdy pun, the Tool frontman—who has Italian wine-making in his blood—has a wine line that comes from a vineyard named after a less-than-appetizing item.

While it's not terribly strange that amiable alt-rockers Wilco would have an associated beer brand, it's incredibly odd that Lagunitas would create an ale called "Wilco Tango Foxtrot" and then deny it has anything to do with Wilco or their 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot' album. Wilco wasn't buying it, and apparently neither were beer-fans, because it's no longer available.

Snoop Dogg
Usually rappers try to associate themselves with a top-shelf product, thereby emphasizing their material success through excess. So it was a dread-scratching move when Snoop wholeheartedly backed Colt 45's Blast, a malt liquor that tastes like sudsy cough syrup and contains 12% alcohol. Gin and juice suited him better.

Lil Wayne
When it comes to liquor-endorsements, Wayne is more of a DIY populist: his poison of choice for a long while was purple drank, a homemade combo of actual cough syrup, candy and soda. Warning: Do not try this at home.

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