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Has Beyonce Mentioned She’s Into Girl Power?


Beyoncé has urged girls to ditch no-good men in song and hired an all-female backing band, but in case everyone wasn't fully aware of her stance on girl power, she made a video explaining her extremely nuanced position. She is really into girl power! Which is good, since the video for Major Lazer's "Pon de Floor" -- the song on which her 4 single "Run the World (Girls)" is built -- features women being violently degraded by men performing the aggressively sexual Caribbean dance-floor move called daggering. (For our full explanation on why daggering is vile and Beyoncé should probably be aware of its association with "Pon de Floor," click here.)

No women sit back and take the hits in "Run the World (Girls)," however. Beyoncé appropriates just about every visual cue in history meant to connote power: She rides a horse, wears a Cleopatra-esque headpiece, commandeers an army of rebel women in the desert, grips the leashes of two drooling hyenas, flips the bird, blows up a car, and dances a riot squad of men into submission. It reminds some folks of Mad Max, and others (namely Judd Apatow) of the "African Child" vid from Get Him to the Greek. Francis Lawrence directed the clip, which was choreographed by Frank Gatson in collaboration with Sheryl Murakami and Tofo Tofo, a Mozambican kwaito dance group who appear in the video, too.

Nobody is dancing this mind-blowingly well in music videos right now, so Beyoncé is running at least one small part of the world. We'll wait to hear the rest of this Boyz II Men-sampling, Fela Kuti-inspired album Just Jared has heard snippets of before making the final call on whether B's "World" beats Britney's.

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