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Hear/Read Cee Lo Green’s ‘Forget You’ Knock-Off ‘Anyway’


"F--- You," or "Forget You," is the biggest song of Cee Lo Green's long career, so why not try and recapture that glory by releasing another song that sounds exactly like it? With the singer/rapper/Voice judge's deluxe edition of The Lady Killer due out November 28th, Cee Lo has packed on a few bonus cuts to his well-received 2010 album, including "Anyway," which you can read and hear in the lyric video above. The song was co-written by Weezer's Rivers Cuomo, but it's basically just a "Forget You" redux; the vocal melodies are incredibly similar, but instead of a Motown vibe, Green goes for an early Daft Punk sound. Cuomo has done a good job of writing songs for other artists in recent years -- Adam Lambert, Katy Perry, and All Time Low have all received unused Weezer tracks from Rivers -- but this Green/Cuomo collaboration is doesn't live up to its potential.

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