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Heavy D’s Cause of Death Still Unknown


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An autopsy of Heavy D to determine the rapper's cause of death has come back inconclusive. The coroner will now wait several weeks for the results of a toxicology report in order to find out why the rapper passed away at 44 years old. "We need to see what's in his system," a coroner's spokesperson told the Los Angeles Times. Heavy D obviously dealt with some weight issues, but investigators believe that wasn't a factor in his death. Instead, they believe that the Overweight Lover's death was "medically related": The rapper had complained about a cough -- which may have been pneumonia -- to a doctor prior to his death on November 6th. Police do not suspect illegal drug use.

As The Amp previously reported, Heavy D collapsed outside of his Beverly Hills mansion after complaining of "difficulty breathing." He was conscious and talking to paramedics on the way to the hospital, but soon after he died. Prior to his death, the rapper was working hard on a comeback following his surprise performance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. According to TMZ, D was planning on shooting a music video for his new song "Still Missing You."

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