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Here’s One Way to Get Courtney Love to Stop Tweeting


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Sue her over something she said on Twitter! According to the Hollywood Reporter, Courtney Love's @CourtneyLoveUK Twitter account, usually a stream of thinly veiled accusations, NSFW photos, arguments with fans, and fodder to irritate Billy Corgan, is now dark as Love awaits the beginning of her landmark Twitter trial.

As The Amp previously reported, Love is being sued by Dawn Simorangkir for defamation -- she allegedly described the designer as a druggie prostitute with violent tendencies who stole from the singer -- based on 140-character statements she made on her old @CourtneyLover79 account. The trial, expected to last around a week, begins February 8th and Love is still slated to testify.

Right now it's unclear whether Love's Twitter vanished because of an order from the judge, or a strategic move by her own defense team -- since nobody involved in a legal proceeding can speak publicly about it, it's possible her lawyers are attempting to prevent a Steve Martin.

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