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Herman Cain Delivers a Pizza-Promoting Cover of ‘Imagine’


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John Lennon's world peace anthem has been covered countless times, but there may be only one version of "Imagine" tailored to address the frightening dystopian idea of a pizza-free world.

Sounds like something "Weird Al" would cook up, right? Try again. This cheesy cover of "Imagine" comes courtesy of Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain. Formerly the CEO of Godfather's Pizza, Cain delivered this pizza-promoting performance back in the '80s (and now unearthed by the Daily Beast) when he was still in charge of the Nebraska food chain.

Surrounded by gospel singers and garbed in minister robes, Cain's deep voice asks us to "Imagine there's no pizza," although he admits, "I couldn't if I tried."

Instead of addressing greed, hunger or the brotherhood of man, Cain reminds parents everywhere that "You're lucky you have pizza, to feed your kids for you/No defrosting or cooking, and no dishes you must do."


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