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Is Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Whip My Hair’ His Most Hilarious Moment?



Jimmy Fallon's dead-on impersonation of Neil Young has become a favorite of bloggers who always wondered what it would sound like if the super-serious rocker attempted covers of "Double Rainbow" or "Pants on the Ground." The inaugural Fallon-as-Young performance last November featured a "Harvest" take on Will Smith's "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" theme song, so it's fitting that "Young" would bust out a cover of Willow Smith's out-of-nowhere hit "Whip My Hair." For a mind-blowing bonus, however, Fallon brought out a secret weapon to sing back up: the night's musical guest, Bruce Springsteen.

The only way to top the above performance is to have "Neil Young" actually duet with Neil Young. "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" has really run circles around its late-show competitors when it comes to recruiting musical talent -- Fallon dedicated an entire week of musical performances to the Rolling Stones' "Exile on Main St.," and getting Springsteen to perform with house band the Roots was a major coup that likely had Letterman seeing red. Also, putting the Roots on TV every night was genius -- so a Young/"Young" duet is probably already in the works for 2011.

But the real question is: Where does "Whip My Hair" rank in the Boss' pantheon of hilarious moments? By our estimation, pretty high. We score the "Whip My Hair" duet above Springsteen's photo-bombing of a New Jersey couple's engagement photos, but well below his infamous "America, meet my crotch!" slide into the camera during the Super Bowl halftime show. But Springsteen's funniest moment comes from his surprise cameo in "High Fidelity":

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