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Is There Any Way Lady Gaga Won’t Earn Crazy Money in 2011?


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Forbes has found a great way to connect with the hip young kids of today -- put Jay-Z on the cover (with some other rich dude, Warren Buffett) and analyze Lady Gaga's earnings.

According to the magazine's latest estimates, Gaga will pull in at least $100 million in 2011, a big jump from the $62 million she earned in 2010, and $13 million more than the top-earning musician of last year, Beyoncé, accumulated. Their argument: Cash will pour in from the Monster Ball tour, massive sales of "Born This Way" (especially since Gaga gets both songwriting and performance royalties), an additional stadium tour, and all those spokesperson/promotional opportunities (like her Polaroid gig). The lion's share of the moola would come from touring, Forbes estimates -- a hefty $80 million -- and the grand total would be "likely enough to make her the top-earning musician in the coming year."

The only way Gaga wouldn't earn crazy money this year would be if "Born This Way" somehow flopped and she didn't rake in cash from record sales and couldn't fill stadiums. That scenario is unlikely. What's more likely, however, is that Britney Spears will out-earn her. Spears made $64 million by Forbes' estimates last year without doing anything. Literally nothing. No album, no tour -- just promotional spots for Candies and her ever-growing fragrance line. This year, Britney's back with a new album, and presumably a tour (if her team can get shuttle her back into the rehearsal studio and on the road). And nobody should underestimate the power of the fanbase that calls their heroine Godney.

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