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James Franco Finally Weasels His Way Into the Music World


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After conquering the small screen, the big screen, the art world, the soap world, academia, the Oscars, freaks, geeks, stoners, moms, drag queens, and bros, it was only a question of when James Franco would turn those sparkling brown eyes to the music biz. Voila: Introducing Kalup and Franco, a collaboration between the actor and video artist/performance artist/drag performer Kalup Linzy who starred alongside Franco on General Hospital. Their first EP, a digital and 7" three-song release called Turn It Up, is due July 12th via the label co-founded by spinner/scribe DJ /rupture, who co-produced a pair of tracks called "Rising (Both Sides Now)" and "Turn It Up (So We Can Turn It Out)," according to Pitchfork. Thanks for encouraging him, DJ /rupture! Oh, sorry, you can't read sarcasm on the Internet? Picture us doing this.

In a minute-long audio clip labeled "Broken snippet by Kalup Linzy and James Franco" posted on the pair's Facebook page two weeks ago, Kalup impersonates Tunde Adibimpe from TV on the Radio while Franco intones, "This pain in me has arrested me" and "You don't need love." OK, now picture us doing this.

[Photo of James Franco mocking us all: Kevin Mazur/]

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