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Jay-Z Lays Out Blueprint to the Good Life on New Website


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While most musicians use their official websites to post news and tour dates, for the better part of a decade Kanye West's site served as a deluxe personal blog where he (and/or a staff of cool hunters) published pictures of hot supermodels, cool MP3s, and clothing, cars, and d├ęcor his fans couldn't afford. Now Jay-Z is taking the Kanye model a step forward with a new site called Life and Times. But whereas Kanye's now-defunct Univercity blog read like an elite SkyMall catalog for the nine-figure luxury club, Jigga's is almost a .com hybrid of the New York Times' Sunday Arts section with the urban coolness of the Fader magazine. Life and Times, not to be confused with celeb weekly Life & Style, takes its name from Jay-Z's 1999 disc Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter.

Rather than simply putting a price tag next to all the clothing and art he's showcasing, Jay-Z's Life and Times team actually interview the cooks, athletes, artists, and bands responsible for the fetish objects. Each post is broken down into one of seven categories -- Sports, Art & Design, Music, Technology, Style, Leisure and Jay's I -- the last of which seems to be Jay-Z's own personal spot. (Right now, a cellphone picture of a tropical sunset on some faraway beach is the lone entry in that category -- nothing on his chicken wing spot yet.) Jay-Z, a noted indie rock fan known to attend Grizzly Bear concerts, also gets his taste-making on by linking to artists like Little Dragon and Gold Panda. We don't know yet what the future holds for Life and Times, but it's definitely getting "bookmark" status.

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