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Jeff Mangum Picked Up Radiohead’s Occupy Wall Street Slack


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Last Friday's rumors about Radiohead's concert for the Occupy Wall Street protestors turned out to be a hoax, but the megaphone-wielding inhabitants of New York's Zuccotti Park received an even bigger surprise performance last night courtesy of enigmatic Neutral Milk Hotel singer Jeff Mangum. Armed only with his acoustic guitar and the same sweater he's been wearing for over a decade, Mangum sang six tracks off In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, an earlier NMH cut called "Song Against Sex," and a cover of Minutemen's "Themselves."

Mangum played this past weekend at All Tomorrow's Parties' I'll Be Your Mirror fest and has more tri-state area shows scheduled next month, so the impromptu performance wasn't completely out of the blue (compared to say, his hiatus-ending gig at a Brooklyn loft last year). He certainly had plenty of fans in the Wall Street crowd as each Aeroplane track, especially "Oh, Comely" and "Two-Headed Boy Part 2," turned into a sing-along. Hopefully, Fox News wasn't on the site filming, because a posse of unwashed protestors singing the lyric, "Your father made fetuses with flesh-licking ladies, while you and your mother were asleep in the trailer park" in triumphant unison doesn't exactly help the cause.

The suddenly ubiquitous Mangum wrapped up his set by announcing to the sit-in crowd, "You guys have done a beautiful f------ thing," then disappeared as quickly as he materialized. Watch Mangum's spirit-boosting set:

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