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Jim Morrison’s Ghost Used to Give Relationship Advice in Virginia


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Reassuring news for folks worrying about the health of Jim Morrison's ghost in the late '80s: Approximately 10 years after his 1971 death, it was doing just fine, having a lovely relationship with a lady in northern Virginia. According to a local news report that ran earlier this month (exhumed, as it were, by NME), Arlington resident Rhonda Baron's parents live in a home that once belonged to the Doors frontman's parents, and he used to stop in every once in a while.

"The spirit laid down on the bed," Baron said of the first of three visits from the singer. "It was like a haze. It was like you could look through it." And the purpose of the pop-in? WUSA9 reports, "Rhonda believed the spirit was trying to help her with a boyfriend problem she was having."

If Morrison's ghost was busy hosting inter-dimensional Lovelines in the late '80s, in the late '90s it was chilling near the rocker's Paris grave.

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