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Joe Jonas Would Love to Be Your New Justin Timberlake


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Since Justin Timberlake is no longer willing to be "Justin Timberlake," there's been an opening for a heartthrob crooner with an urban edge for a long time now -- so long, people actually hallucinated new JT music. Today, Joe Jonas, of the once-hot, now-not power-pop boy band the Jonas Brothers, has applied to fill this sexy vacancy. The lead singer JoBro has been threatening to go electro-pop on us for a few months, and he sort of has, unleashing the very Chris Brown-sounding "See No More," which was, in fact, co-written by Chris Brown and produced by Brian Kennedy (half of the team who brought us Rihanna's killer "Disturbia").

"See No More" provides plenty of anguished falsetto and a big R&B melody line over choppy synths and a rolling beat. This could definitely be a summer jam, but now the only question is can Joe Jonas dance? All signs point to no. (You can still come back, JT, we love you!). Jonas' solo disc is due September 6th.


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