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Jon Stewart Debates Bill O’Reilly Over CommonGate


"Booyah. That's a rap word." The sad controversy and debate over rapper Common's invitation to the White House for a poetry reading soldiered on last night on Fox News' O'Reilly Factor as Daily Show host Jon Stewart played the role of voice of reason against Bill O'Reilly's voice of ignorance. Gawker has the highlights of the debate, and guess who won...

Despite conservatives' attempts to paint Common as a card-carrying member of N.W.A or Compton's Most Wanted, The Amp has already pointed out that Common is pretty benign compared to the majority of the hip-hop world. Folks like O'Reilly must have finally received the "Common ain't gangsta" memo since now their main objection to Common visiting the White House is the rapper's affiliation with Assata Shakur, a former Black Panther and convicted cop killer who is currently receiving political asylum in Cuba. Common visited Shakur during a stop in Cuba, and that has O'Reilly all angry.

Stewart counters that many of the musicians who have visited the White House in the past -- Fox News-friendly artists like Bono, Springsteen, and Dylan -- have all penned songs about convicted murderers who they felt weren't given a fair trial, yet for some reason conservatives haven't latched on to those artists' offenses. The crux of the argument is still that the GOP still isn't down with "O.P.P." or any other rap song recorded after 1979.


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