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Journey Guitarist Neal Schon Now Famous for ‘Kidnapping’ Real Housewife


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For a brief time yesterday, there was reason to believe Real Housewives of DC costar Michaele Salahi -- best known as one-half of the White House Gatecrashers who busted into Barack Obama's 2009 state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh without an invitation -- had been kidnapped in Virginia. That reason was Salahi's husband, Tareq, informed authorities she was kidnapped after she told him she was heading to a hair appointment and never returned. As TMZ reported, Tareq later heard from his wife via phones with unfamiliar numbers and believed her alleged abductors were forcing her to call and lie to him. He then issued a statement with a glaring error that read in part, "We are reaching to the public pleaing [sic] desperately for your help."

The good news: Nobody kidnapped Michaele Salahi.
The bad news (for Tareq Salahi): His wife ran off with another man.
The worse news (for Journey fans): That man is Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

TMZ has confirmed Michaele and Schon had a previous relationship, and that the reality-show couple remained friendly with the band. The Salahis attended a Journey show several weeks ago and the band even played a free concert at the pair's winery. But Michaele suddenly took off to join Schon in Nashville and traveled with him to the band's subsequent gig -- "Nobody kidnapped her and they are in Memphis together," Journey's reps told TMZ.

Journey are on the road with Foreigner until late October promoting their not-very-good (in our opinion) 14th album Eclipse. According to TMZ, Michaele's husband feels "betrayed" by his "best friends" in Journey. This would probably not be the time for him to listen to "Faithfully." He's probably more of a "Separate Ways" man now.

In fact, people are having surprisingly little fun with headlines for this story, but props to Fox News of all people for this one: "Michaele Salahi Runs Into 'Open Arms' of Journey Rocker, Husband Won't 'Stop Believin' in Kidnapping, Reports Say."


[Photo: TMZ]

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