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Justin Bieber Concert Turns Into Brief Game of Angry Birds


On April 19th we told you why it was a bad week to be a Justin Bieber fan; this week it's a bad week to be Justin Bieber. Coming off a hectic trip to Israel where he was hounded by paparazzi and forced to nix a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that would surely have resulted in lasting Middle Eastern peace, the 17-year-old pop star was egged onstage in Australia. Maybe this kid should reconsider international travel. Or changing the name of his big album from My World 2.0 to Fine, World, You Win, You Don't Belong to Me After All.

The egging went down at Bieber's Saturday night show at Sydney's Acer Arena. As SkyNews helpfully explains in the video above, two eggs fell first, then another four, for a total of six eggs. To his credit, Bieber ignored the fact that he was suddenly cast in the world's most popular iPhone game and continued on with the show. But adding (literal) insult to (literal) injury, SkyNews also reports that Bieber was scolded for wandering around the cabin of a Qantas airplane when the fasten-seat-belt sign was still illuminated during his flight away from the godforsaken eggland. According to their report, "The Qantas flight attendant told Bieber that his behavior was a security risk and that he had been acting like a child and would therefore be treated like one."

We know what this is really about -- karmic payback for Bieber's laughs about Lady Gaga's arrival at the Grammys in a giant egg earlier this year. We don't want to imagine what'll happen to young Bieber for spending so much time with Chris Brown.

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