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Kanye and Jay-Z’s ‘Watch the Throne’ Probably Not Coming Out July 4th


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When we last heard news about Kanye West and Jay-Z's collaborative album Watch the Throne in early May, it was being reported that a new single from the disc would be "impacting radio and your iTunes music library sooner than you think." That was over a month ago, and there's been no impact or progress, so unless the definition of "sooner" has changed or all stories concerning Watch the Throne are fictional and only Kanye and Jigga know what's up. With that in mind, Miss Info is reporting that Watch the Throne itself, not just a new single, will be released on July 4th. That info comes just a week after a potentially-real-but-probably-fake track list made the rounds. Don't go changing your Fourth of July plans just yet though.

July 4th is three-and-a-half weeks from now. When was the last time you remember a really high profile album by an artist not named Radiohead coming out in such a short time span, with such little promotion or word of mouth and nary a follow-up single or even album art? It hasn't happened, and we'd be stunned if it does this time. Kanye is the same guy who spent four months handing out free music to rev up interest in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, so it's unlikely he'd just shift gears and release it to the world with little heads up. Miss Info is insisting the album is completed, but that track list looks sketchy to us. (Where's "H.A.M"?) The completion part could be true, but unless they go the mixtape route with Watch the Throne, it won't be "impacting radio and your iTunes music library sooner than you think."

It's also been rumored that Jay-Z and West will perform some shows together this summer, which is much more likely, since playing shows is something you do on the promotional trail leading up to your album's release.

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