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Kanye West Demotes Best ‘Twisted Fantasy’ Song to iTunes Bonus Track


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Kanye West has at last unveiled the final track list for his new album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy", and frankly, we have a big problem with it: the standout song "Chain Heavy" did not make the cut. We heard the majority of Kanye's new album this summer when the rapper visited Rolling Stone, and "Chain Heavy" was the highlight of the showcase, its loopy beats and anthemic chorus reminiscent of West's own "Jesus Walks," except it had nothing to do with Jesus. "They try to tell me that aliens built the pyramids, I swear life's a bitch on a period," Kanye raps on the track, displaying his obliquely oddball wordplay. "I keep that G.O.A.T. book on the Ottoman and wrote songs about slaves that were slaughtered in the 1800s... this is the makings of a masterpiece, so we broke out of the chains and told the master 'Peace!'... My chain heavy, my chain too heavy." Later, when Kanye worked the room and shook hands with everyone at the impromptu listening party, we pleaded with him, "You need to release 'Chain Heavy' as the next single, we can't wait until your album release to hear it again." Kanye flashed his diamond-toothed smile and said, "You'll hear it soon enough."

And then, nothing. "Runaway" was released as the next single. The endless string of G.O.O.D. Friday free downloads came and went without a "Chain Heavy." It seemed like only yesterday that Kanye was debuting the track a cappella at the Facebook offices, then the next thing we knew, in an interview with MTV, West dropped the hurt bomb that "Chain Heavy" was in limbo. "Maybe 'Chain Heavy' will be on there. We have to make a decision by tomorrow," Kanye said last week. Could an "All of the Lights" interlude and all those already-released G.O.O.D. Friday tracks be better than "Chain Heavy"? Probably not. Looking at "Fantasy"'s final running order, only "Blame Game" and closer "How to Survive in America" have been entirely unheard, so both of those songs better be the second coming of "Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang."

There is a silver lining, however: According to Ddotomen, "Chain Heavy" will see the light of day as an iTunes bonus track, along with the Billy Joel-sampling "Mama's Boyfriend." And as added consolation, "Chain Heavy" will also boast an appearance by M.I.A. Still, for a rapper so concerned with the sanctity of an album being viewed as a masterpiece, we're still in disbelief that Kanye would elect to remove the best song from the LP. It's like opening the Van Gogh Museum and not displaying "Starry Night." What's that? "Starry Night" is on display at the MOMA? Nevermind then. But still, "Chain Heavy"!

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