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Kanye West’s Taste in Jewelry Is a Wee Bit Egotistic


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Anyone who's ever joked about Kanye West's notorious ego was rewarded today by news that West officially only has time for himself. The superstar rapper commissioned high-end jeweler Tiret to custom build him a watch -- a very special timepiece that features his own face on the dial in a carefully arrayed series of diamonds. The reported cost: $180,000, according to Luxist (via AllHipHop). Did we mention his next album is called "Watch the Throne"? Perhaps this is part of a covert marketing plan and not just a move worthy of Liberace.

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The watch, which appears as the lead image in Tiret's gallery of "Exclusive Design" pieces, required five months of labor on the face alone, Luxist reports. White, yellow, brown, and black diamonds were used to carve out a pretty sharp depiction of West's head, complete with his trademark goatee and sunglasses. Since West removed his entire bottom row of teeth and replaced it with a diamond grill, the line of stones representing his mouth is actually stunningly accurate to real life. A circle of diamonds lines the bezel, bringing the total amount of bling on the watch's face to 8 carats. The face has a pair of Swiss quartz chronograph movements, in case West wants to check the time in two different cities when he's not admiring himself.

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Before we all accuse Kanye of being the most egotistic musician of all time (of all time!), consider that Usher also had a Tiret watch made featuring his own visage at an even higher cost of $250,000 (Luxist has photos of that fancy piece, too). The best part of Usher's purchase -- it's practical! Luxist explains, "The box that Tiret supplied the Usher watch in doubles as a humidor for 78 cigars and also has a motif of Usher's face on it." We won't really worry about West's ego really getting out of control until he takes a page from the book of Gucci Mane and tattoos his face with ... his own face.

[Photo: Tiret]

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