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Katy Perry Scores ‘Saturday Night Live’ Hosting Gig


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Katy Perry's performance in the "The One That Got Away" music video suggested that the pop star might have caught the acting bug from her husband Russell Brand and developed silver screen ambitions. It's hard to recall the last time Britney Spears or Beyonce showed any genuine emotion in a music video, but there was Perry pretending to cry her eyes out in the "Got Away" video. However, if Perry wants her very own 'Crossroads', she'll first need to pass the ultimate test: Guest-hosting 'Saturday Night Live' on December 10th. Anyone could give their voice to a Smurf, but this will determine whether Perry can handle a live-action big-screen role.

Even better: Robyn, Perry's tour mate on the Teenage Dream trek, will serve as the episode's musical guest. Last autumn, it was Perry who was the musical guest on 'SNL', but she did don an ill-fitting Elmo shirt when she appeared in one of last season's more talked-about skits, which mocked her own controversial Sesame Street cameo from earlier last year. If she can't even guest on Sesame Street appropriately, how is Perry going to carry an hour's worth of live comedy on 'SNL'? Last season, Taylor Swift successfully made the jump from pop star to 'SNL' host, and Perry seems like she has 10 times the personality and stage presence of Swift. So if Taylor can do, Katy can probably hold her own.

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