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Kid Bluegrass Trio Wows David Letterman


The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys are a bluegrass trio from New Jersey whose combined ages add up to how old David Letterman was when his first Late Night show debuted in 1982. "You kids are supposed to be in Sri Lanka making T-shirts, what are you doing here, for the love of God?" he joked when he got a look at Jonny (banjo, 9), Robbie (fiddle, 12), and Tommy (guitar, 13) Mizzone on his stage last night.

The Boys got down to business with little Jonny front and center, his small fingers flying across his banjo, and Letterman was seriously delighted with their impressive performance of Earl Scruggs' "Flint Hill Special."

"I'll tell you something you probably already know by now: Chicks dig the banjo," he told the group, perhaps unaware they're more into Bible study than babes (as the bio on their official site explains, "The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys are the result of faith in God, brotherly love, and a passion for this fast pickin' & fiddlin' genre"). After noting the trio is comprised of brothers, he yelped, "This isn't like the Jonas thing, is it?" to which Paul Shaffer replied emphatically, "No, it's not." Ha!

The group landed the late-night gig after a clip of them performing the Scruggs song exploded on YouTube. According to the Bluegrass Blog, the boys' father fielded offers from several talk shows, but the Boys preferred Letterman because he has hosted banjo-friendly artists in the past including Scruggs and Steve Martin. The love seemed pretty mutual last night -- maybe Dave is ready to say farewell to his Bieber bromance in favor of a new brohood with the Boys.

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