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Lack of New Justin Timberlake Music Leads to Hysterical TimberMania


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Attention, Justin Timberlake: People are so desperate to hear new music from you -- yes, yes, even though you said you're putting that on hold to focus on your acting career -- that they are willing to listen to new songs that don't really sound like you and then believe they are by you! At the end of last week, MTV News discovered what they thought was a new JT track called "Take You Down" on YouTube and attributed it to the former 'N Sync star and production team the Neptunes. One problem: It wasn't very good. Second problem: It certainly didn't sound like the Ziggy Stardust-esque concept album Timberlake promised us when he does return to the microphone full time.

"The song is the work of a Danish artist named Rasmus Thude," Timberlake's reps tell EW, squashing a few dreams. (Sidenote: Rasmus Thude is having the best day ever!) "Justin has no involvement with either the song or the artist but wants to assure his fans that when he releases new music, they will be the first to know."

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