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Lady Gaga Chases Lucrative Nerd Farmer Demographic


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Because everyone associates Lady Gaga with inappropriate nudity agriculture, the pop star has announced plans to debut music from her May 23rd album Born This Way on the wildly popular farming game FarmVille. Yes, FarmVille, the bucolic virtual world in which users tend chickens, plow the fields, and decorate cottages to earn points. This is the first time Gaga has gone after the lucrative nerd-farmer market. (She's pictured above demonstrating the proper way to birth a calf.)

Beginning May 17th, fans can enter GagaVille, a specially designed world in Zynga's game, and hear one exclusive new track per day via an IHeartRadio stream until the 19th (so, uh, three songs). On May 20th, the game -- which will feature Gaga-specific objects like unicorns and motorcycle-riding sheep -- will start including non-exclusive songs. On May 26th, GagaVille will magically vanish, like Gaga's self-awareness.

"I want to celebrate and share Born This Way with my little monsters in a special way that's never been done before," Gaga said, calling GagaVille a "magical place." Zynga has previously partnered with Gaga's labelmate/corporate shill Dr. Dre to debut a Detox track in Mafia Wars.

According to the AP, 46 million users play FarmVille a month on Facebook, which is maybe why ClearChannel and Best Buy are getting in on GagaVille, too -- the radio giant will announce special unlock codes on 148 of its stations, and users who buy a $25 Best Buy game card will get a free download of Born This Way as well as 1) the chance to attend Lady Gaga's next video shoot and 2) a "virtual unicorn to decorate their farms."

[Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images]

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