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Lady Gaga Drops F-Bomb While Debuting Polaroid Gadgets


Yesterday, we were marveling at Lady Gaga's newfound classiness because she showed up at an upper-crusty bar in New York's Plaza Hotel and sang jazz standards. But just 24 hours later she went to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and dropped an F-bomb during a demonstration of how to use the new Polaroid gadgets she helped develop with the photography company.

Gaga, who has served as Polaroid's Creative Director for the past year, came to CES in a black veil to debut the new GL20 (camera-sunglasses) and GL10 (a tiny portable photo printer). "This is the first ever pair of sunglasses that can be worn out to protect your eyes from the sun, and they can also take pictures," Gaga said while CES attendees oohed and ahhed over the high-tech shades, which were being modeled by a naked mannequin with tape on its nipples (of course). The glasses capture photos or video on a USB embedded in the earpiece, which can be connected to a computer or wirelessly sent to the printer via Bluetooth.

"They said, 'Gaga, what is the camera of the future?' and I said, 'This is,' " she explained, holding up her phone. "I'm really excited about this because all of my most embarrassing and exciting photos are taken in my favorite bar in New York City on my cell phone."

When the demonstration began, Gaga announced, "Smile! You're so f------ famous!" as she snapped a photo of the audience with her BlackBerry. She later added, "I love the products, I'm so proud to be here. They honored me as a woman, as a creative director and they really let me [put my] hands in there and design this sh-- myself," according to MTV.

The only time Gaga heard boos -- actual boos! -- was when she revealed that the printer is compatible with all Bluetooth cell phones but not iPhones.

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