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Lady Gaga Hatched From a Cocoon at the MuchMusic Video Awards


Lady Gaga has emerged from an egg-like "vessel" and a coffin, and last night at Canada's MuchMusic Video Awards (the kinder, gentler, Canadian VMAs) she performed the first verse of "Born This Way" while encased in a cocoon. This was an inspired choice: It got the birth point across and explored the idea of metamorphosis while simultaneously referencing a quintessential '80s movie, Cocoon, a film that was released smack-dab in the middle of the decade Gaga draws on most for her latest album.

When Gaga punched her way out of the suspended cocoon pod, she stepped out in an aqua wig... with some other strategically placed aqua hair pasted on her body. The pop singer is definitely having a hair-obsessed moment, which isn't totally unexpected since on Born This Way she sings an empowerment anthem about drawing strength from her hair (it's called "Hair" and features saxophonist Clarence Clemons, who passed away over the weekend). She performed the song last week on a U.K. TV show seemingly bald, while serenading a blueish wig. She definitely tested the limits of both the hair pieces she wore at the MMVAS last night (she also opened the show with performance of "The Edge of Glory" that mimicked its video) -- check out the intense wig-whipping at the 3:42 mark and join us in marveling at how securely that thing is attached to her probably not-really-bald head.

Unrelated MuchMusic Video Awards notes: What is Down With Webster? Did Selena Gomez get to co-host the show because she is dating a Canadian? And this Fefe Dobson song is really good!

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