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Lady Gaga Lays on the Spider-Man Shtick Pretty Thick



Lady Gaga has taken on about as many jobs as In Living Color's hard-working Hedleys -- she's a pop star, a video director, a runway model, a Polaroid consultant, a gestating embryo, a gay rights' advocate, a magazine columnist. In her latest edition of behind-the-scenes video series GagaVision, we see her undergoing a makeup transformation as squelchy doom disco from her May 23rd disc Born This Way plays, bragging about doing "six straight hours" of promo, and tangling with a protester outside her own show who's holding a sign that reads "Trust in Christ or end in hell." Their dialogue is actually worth repeating, in case you want to do your own dramatic readings at home:

Lady Gaga: "Hi, I'm Lady Gaga."
Protester: "So?"
Lady Gaga: "Well, hello!"
Protester: [handing her a "Get out of hell free" card] "Yeah, that's gonna happen one day, darlin'."
Lady Gaga: "Well, they better open up the gate!"
Protester: "I'm talking to you over here."
Lady Gaga: "I'm listening. You know, we really believe in God at my show."
Protester: "Yeah, well, your pervert ways don't quite equate to what God's all about, darlin'."
Lady Gaga: "My pervert ways?"
Protester: "Yeah, you know, the homo stuff."
Lady Gaga: "The homo stuff. Don't you think it's hurtful..."
Protester: "It's in there. You know the black book, the gold edges, the little ribbon."
Lady Gaga: "I went to Catholic school for 13 years."
Protester: "That's probably most of your problem, is you got raised in a screwy religion."
Lady Gaga: [after her car has safely pulled away, squeezing in a kicker] "What I don't understand is, there's 3,000 people standing in my line and nobody standing in your line. Who's going to hell?"

Gaga then includes a title card that reiterates the message of Spider-Man ("With great power comes great responsibility"), which in her case reads, "If you have revolutionary potential, than [sic] you have a moral imperative to make the world a better place." The clip wraps with footage of Gaga doing what looks like grueling dance rehearsals for her "Judas" video, due April 19th: "Judas is coming, let the cultural baptism begin." If she's worried about the apocalypse, let us suggest she take refuge at Britney Spears' sewer party -- it seems to have worked out for Brit just fine.

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