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Lady Gaga Politely Asks Her Fans to Narc on Other Pirating Fans


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Despite her label's best efforts, Lady Gaga's full Born This Way leaked last night, six days before the album was supposed to be made available at every single store in America. Interscope Records didn't even let music critics get their hands on the entire album to prevent review copies from accidentally slipping out, but in the end a still-unnamed digital music service likely jumped the gun on the May 23rd release; Born This Way arrived as 256kbps m4a files, a trademark of online music vendors.

A record like Born This Way will sell millions of copies despite an early leak, but it would be naïve to think that this won't cut into sales to some extent. To help contain all the illegal downloads, Gaga's reps, along with the digital piracy unit Web Sheriff, have begun asking fans to assist in policing the Internet. In short, Little Monsters are being asked to narc on other Little Monsters.

"If you find any pirated files, you can now let LADYGAGA.COM know directly through the 'Little Monster Honesty Box' -," Team Gaga wrote in their "Little Monster Guidelines" to fans. They also asked fans to not post any songs that weren't already released officially in some capacity, or remixes/mash-ups of the songs that won't be out for six more days. However, there's only so much Gaga fans can do to keep the pirated album from spreading further. (A link The Amp encountered last night has been taken down, though, so progress is being made, slowly. As more people get their hands on the album, these illegal links will multiply like a Fibonacci Sequence.)

Surprisingly, Gaga has been quiet on Twitter about the leak -- maybe her label is keeping her in the dark about it -- and even more shockingly, Interscope hasn't made the album available for sale early on iTunes, a move that could seriously cut into Born This Way's first week copies if this continues on through the week. Perhaps because of BTW's promotional deals with iTunes and FarmVille, both of whom are getting tracks early, Interscope can't contractually release the album early. Either way, we're betting there's a lot of anxious people sweating in an Interscope conference room about now.

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