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Lady Gaga Is a Very Overpriced Santa Claus


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Gaga's Workshop

One day, Lady Gaga will command all of the holidays. With her Thanksgiving plans all set, the singer has turned her attention to Christmas: The Fame Monster and Barney's have linked up to create Gaga's Workshop, which is like a haunted funhouse version of Santa's North Pole warehouse. Inside the Workshop, Little Monsters will find a whole bunch of Gaga-branded items from cosmetics to apparel to toys, each one selling for way more than if you simply bought the gift at another store. Let's just say that the price tag on these items makes the monthly rent on Gaga's old Stanton Street apartment look like a steal by comparison. The most ridiculous item at the Workshop: a set of "flame press on nails" that carries a $225 price tag.

These are "handmade press on nails designed and created by Naomi Yasuda - one of Lady Gaga's nail artists. Flame design with red crystals." Since there's no socially acceptable situation to wear these things, that's a lot of money for 1/10th of a Lady Gaga Halloween costume. There's a $25 Candy Bow Lollipop, the perfect snack for the Gaga-loving children of the 1%, and a $38 Gaga temporary tattoo. Among the more intriguing items are those circular "Mickey Mouse sunglasses" Gaga wears, even though Mickey Mouse never actually wore sunglasses in the cartoons ($495), her double chain crystal necklace ($1,530), and a Little Monster stuffed animals set ($95). There are even Lady Gaga playing cards ($25), and a yo-yo! Because every child has a yo-yo at the time of their Xmas wish list, right up there with pogs and a hula-hoop.

The Workshop will occupy Barney's until January 1st. While the price tags are outrageous, it's worth noting that 25 percent of all sales from Gaga's Workshop will benefit the singer's Born This Way Foundation.

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