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Lady Gaga’s Upcoming Photo Book: Leave the Meat, Take the Carrot


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Lady Gaga and renowned photographer Terry Richardson are releasing a collaborative photobook next month described as "a visual dialogue" between the two, filled with "intimate, random and behind-the-scenes" images of the progressive pop star captured over a ten-month period.

A sneak peek of LADY GAGA X TERRY RICHARDSON shows a characteristically unorthodox pic of Lady G taking a fancy-looking dinner while relaxing in little more than lacy lingerie. Not only is the left shoulder strap falling down, but the lingerie itself is fairly see-through. However, in deference to the chic-looking establishment, Gaga is sporting a sizable chain of diamonds around her neck.

Although seated behind a heaping serving of meat, mashed potatoes and asparagus, Gaga curiously has a carrot in her hand, which is clearly not part of the meal she's been served. Maybe this picture of Gaga choosing to munch on a baby carrot instead of the hearty meal in front of her is a nod to her previously stated belief that, "Pop stars should not eat." (In which case, let's hope at least Richardson polished off that lovely-looking platter).

The book contains over 350 photographs of Gaga in living color and classic black and white. Even if you haven't heard of Richardson before, you've undoubtedly come across his work with a variety of stars: in addition to shooting Lil Wayne and Lindsay Lohan , Richardson was the man behind the Rolling Stone cover featuring Gaga with the machine guns busting of her chest.

[Photo: Terry Richardson]

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