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Lady Rap Mania! Missy, Kim, Foxy Drop New Tracks Like It’s 1999


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In the past five days, Missy Elliott, Lil' Kim, and Foxy Brown have all put out new songs and Lauryn Hill hit the half-way point of her unexpected (and unexplained) tour. That means A) Nicki Minaj has 'em running scared, B) Nicki Minaj has 'em inspired, C) Nicki Minaj beef has business booming, or D) Lady rappers are forming like Voltron and a ferocious revolution is on the way.

Minaj's debut album "Pink Friday" has already shipped platinum and climbed to Number Two on the Billboard Top 200 (The Amp even thinks she has a shot at the top spot next week). While it's not the masterpiece many of us were hoping for based on the strength of her mixtapes and cameos (see a fab list of them here), it was heralded as the Great Return of the Female MC. That got some people thinking positive thoughts (like Missy, who endorsed Minaj and said she "makes rapping fun again"), and some people thinking negative thoughts -- like Lil' Kim who went on a beefy rampage in an attempt to get some Twitter followers. Guess what? It worked!

The fruits of their respective labors oddly simultaneously hit the web this week. Here's what they turned out:

Missy Elliott: "Take Ur Clothes Off"
The "Ur" had us stoked -- who doesn't love "Get Ur Freak On"!? -- but the long-awaited reunion between these old pals isn't hot in herre enough to warrant its title. Riding a beat that's nowhere near as bizarro as it should be, Missy gets in a few nice lines: "Been hot since Billy D was drinking malt liquor"; "You couldn't keep track if you had a LoJack."

Lil' Kim: "Clap Clap"
Kim's spent so much time directly going after Minaj, it's kind of sweet to hear her get vague on this one: "I strike harder, I'm 10 times smarter/I sneak up on y'all like Japan did Pearl Harbor."

Foxy Brown: "Massacre"
It's a Lil' Kim diss track, but Foxy sneaks a Nicki reference in: "First a bitch wanna hate on Foxy/Ten years later now she hating Minaji." It's also not an original beat, but a bunch of new bars over Jay-Z's "So Ghetto." Foxy's clearly sipping on haterade, but it doesn't sound like it cleared up her sore throat.

[Photo: Louise Wilson/WI/ (Missy Elliott); Eugene Gologursky/ (Lil' Kim); Kevin Mazur/ (Foxy Brown)]

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