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At Least Nickelback Can Laugh About Being the Most Hated Band in Detroit


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Caution: The above video features everyone's least favorite Canadian rockers using some NSFW language, but that's understandable since the entire city of Detroit does not want Nickelback performing during halftime of the Lions' Thanksgiving game. While Nickelback remained resilient when threatened with a big bad online petition, in this new Funny or Die clip, the band attempts to win back their Motor City fans by either Motownizing their band name or masquerading as Detroit's most beloved inhabitants: Magnum P.I., Robocop, and Michigan's own Dave Coulier. Also, 'The League' isn't on this Thursday -- damn Thanksgiving! -- so this video gives us our weekly fix of comedian Paul Scheer. While this won't turn anyone into a Nickelback fan or make their music any less terrible, respect must be given when bands are able to mock themselves.

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