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Led Zeppelin Now Famous for Soundtracking the Death of ‘Entourage’


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The saga of Vinnie Chase, "E," Turtle, and Johnny Drama came to an end last night as Entourage concluded with a sequence soundtracked by Led Zeppelin's "Going to California." Spoiler alert: The crew was actually leaving California, but the ZOSO ballad still fit the moment pretty perfectly. The Amp has never been particularly pro-Entourage (Deadwood FTW), but when we did tune in, it wasn't to watch Jeremy Piven shout curse words at everybody or to see what B-lister or professional athlete was making a cameo -- it was for the music.

You can knock the show's fratty dialogue, meandering clichéd plotlines, and wooden acting all you want, but there's no denying that Entourage always had an awesome soundtrack. Other than broadcasting the worst Jane's Addiction song ever for eight seasons during the opening sequence, Entourage earned a reputation for digging deep in its music supervisor's iTunes library for end credits' music. Somewhere along the line, Entourage became HBO's musical tastemaker, doling out tracks from artists as diverse as Tame Impala and James Blake on a weekly basis. They even gave a role to then-up-and-coming rapper Saigon.

The closing credits skewed toward classic rock throughout Entourage's eight-season run -- Four Rolling Stones' songs ("The Spider and the Fly," "Gimme Shelter," "Sympathy for the Devil," and "Tumbling Dice") and two by the Doors ("Peace Frog" and "Love Street") were featured in the first five seasons -- so a Led Zeppelin song about the Golden State wasn't a huge surprise. However, there have been many occasions where Entourage shocked us with their picks. Below are five such tunes, "the Greatest Hits of Entourage," if you will. Listen below, then hug it out, bitch:

Gang Starr - "Work" - Season 1, Episode 2

TV on the Radio - "Staring at the Sun" - Season 3, Episode 11

Love - "7 and 7 Is" - Season 5, Episode 1

Funkadelic - "Can You Get to That" - Season 5, Episode 12

The Buzzcocks - "Why Can't I Touch It?" - Season 6, Episode 2


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