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Led Zeppelin Singing Gig Goes to Pussycat Doll


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Robert Plant has so little interest in performing Led Zeppelin songs again, he told a reporter that being repeatedly asked when the classic rock legends are going to reunite is a "pain in the pisser." So now the task of singing "Black Dog" has fallen upon... Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

In a new promo commercial for the NBA Playoffs on ESPN and ABC posted on Oh No They Didn't, Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience perform a one-minute version of the 1971 hit. The only musicians visible are Bonham (smashing away on his translucent yellow kit) and Scherzinger (wearing long, dangly earings that look like Steven Tyler's microphone stand). Sorry, guitarist dude, that shot of Tim Duncan looking mildly amused was simply more essential.

Scherzinger, who was born seven years after Led Zeppelin IV was released, is best known for being in reality girl group Eden's Crush, fronting a group of glorified strippers, failing to launch a solo album, and winning Dancing With the Stars. But to be fair, she's done a few awesome things, too, like guest-starring on How I Met Your Mother as Robin's child-star bestie Jessica Glitter. And while she's often seen traipsing around stages front of ladies in boas, she performed alongside Alice Cooper on "Baby Can't Drive," a bonus track from Slash's 2010 solo disc. Does she sing "Black Dog" like Plant? Of course not. But she does it backwards and in heels.

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