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Leonard Cohen Really Needs Your Money


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When Leonard Cohen came out of retirement in 2008 and toured for the first time in 15 years, it wasn't because the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer missed the road or that intimate connection with his fans. It was because in 2005, the majority of his $5 million savings vanished and he discovered that his former manager misappropriated almost all of his money, leaving the singer/songwriter with a mere $150,000. (There went all his "Hallelujah" royalties.)

Cohen's three-year world tour helped recoup most of that money, and this should help raise the rest: The Complete Albums Collection, featuring all 17 of Cohen's albums, will be released as a box set on October 11th. All the classics are there: Songs of Leonard Cohen, Songs From a Room, I'm Your Man, The Future, Death of a Ladies' Man, the works, plus all his official live albums. Two more reasons why you should buy this: Tomorrow is Cohen's 77th birthday, so you can give him cash while buying yourself a present. Also, it'd make a fantastic Hanukkah gift.

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