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Lil Wayne Commemorated With Line of Heroin


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Some rappers get the biopic treatment, some rappers get a street named after them, and some rappers even get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Lil Wayne, however, has been bestowed with a much more nefarious honor.

Police in Newark, New Jersey, recently confiscated 500 bricks of black tar heroin in a bust, and the branding on the drugs gave them quite a surprise. As Death and Taxes points out, like any good marketing agency, drug dealers often brand their product with a catchy and enticing moniker to score name-brand recognition on the streets. So when police made the bust in Newark, they found themselves in possession of 500 bricks of "Lil Wayne," which had a street value of, to paraphrase Weezy, a quarter of "a milli."

Thankfully for Wayne, merely being the inspiration behind a stash of heroin is not a violation of his parole. If it were, Lady Gaga would probably be in trouble too: Last April, Syracuse police found 400 bags of heroin emblazoned with the name "Lady Gaga" on them. Her street value was only $6,000, however, so while she may be a proven magazine seller, her name on a line of narcotics doesn't carry the same weight.

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